Traefik and docker install

Thanks @Mephman for sharing this information.
I haven’t tried the Traefik 2.2 setup yet, because i was discouraged by the experience from @mattvoss

So let me clarify the issue I ran into. I did get UDP working through the entry point. However, what you will find is that performance will be bad especially in a docker swarm setup. If you keep all the services on the same docker node then you may not experience this issue. My services were spread across multiple nodes.

In addition the JVB component wants to advertise it’s own host’s ip address. To do this optimally it really needs to use host networking. Host networking removes all benefits of using Traefik to route traffic. If your services are spread across multiple nodes then there is no way you can use Traefik for the JVB service.

In practice what I found when using Traefik for UDP routing was unstable and slow connections between the different users. It worked some of the time and then other times all video would stop once a third user entered the conference.

In my opinion JVB needs to be updated to support this type of configuration and Traefik needs to mature it’s UDP routing codebase.

Just my experience, others could have a completely different experience.


@mattvoss I’m using swarm setup too and every service is running on a separate VM and it’s working fine as I tested it with 6 users. You are absolutely correct that we have to enable mode:host for JVB. Earlier I tried JVB by disabling mode:host but It started showing no channel found error then I switched it back to mode:host then it started working fine.

Also I’m able to replicated JVB using command docker service scale jvb=2 (forcing swarm to run single JVB instance on a same VM). Under deploy/placement, set max_replicas_per_node: 1. This is available in version: 3.8 only.

What I observed that If I killed any of JVB container then still the call is happening. But in the console logs I was getting channel not found error though everything was working fine(audio and video). Then I reloaded the page and I wasn’t getting any no channel found errror.

Now I’m trying to Enable Authentication for Guest users by setting below parameters in swarm compose file but It isn’t working. I’m getting 504.

# Enable authentication

# Enable guest access

# Select authentication type: internal, jwt or ldap

If anyone tried this please share the process. I’m using Traefik for proxy and I guess enabling basicauth for this won’t serve waiting-room thing as It’s gonna ask for password everytime.
followed this:
Please help

@Mephman can you please provide your jitsi compose file? Or some more details on your environment?

I can get my stack up, but it fails to render video when more than 2 participants are active, which leads me to believe I have an issue in jvb / routing.

Hi All,

Is traefik is required for setup jitsi-meet in Docker Swarm setup?

For those who are stuck, I have a working Jitsi deployment: