Trade-off of disabling STUN/TURN

Hi, in one of my installations for an Italian school, I’m considering to disable the STUN/TURN in config.js AND to disable p2p since the server is never used with just two persons in a room.

This way I could remove the nginx streaming without opening additional ports (just moving the server from port 4444 to port 443).

Is there any disadvantage I’m missing of such configuration?

so 1-2-1 call will be routed and processed by video bridge server. kind of overhead in my opinion.

Since no one is using such server in 1to1 calls, I’d argue that the nginx streaming module introduces a bigger overhead.

STUN/TURN servers are a necessity when participants are behind NAT/firewalls.
Are you sure this is never the case and everyone is on the same network?

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yes, confirmed. I have disable STUN/TURN service. I can make call with overseas.