Tracks not received on p2p when joining a room

So i started with the example gave by the git. My problem is that when a new participant joins the room, the first one who created it does not remote a new track. The event “USER_JOINED” is triggered but not “TRACK_ADDED”.
On the other side, for the participant, everything is working fine.

I’m using as server target :

var options = {
hosts: {
domain: ‘’,
muc: ‘’,
bosh: “”+roomName,
clientNode: ‘’,

As you can see the user joined the room but without audio and video track on Jitsi.

If i recreate the track on the working side, the video track comes back on the non working side.

If i juste try to mute/unmute my video track on the working side i get :

I really need help on this :frowning:
Thank you guys