Tracks not being added on one side

In the middle of the year, I developed a feature that uses Jitsi (GUI custom lib). Everything was stable and working fine. I recently reopened the project and have the following problem:

  • Participant A joins a room
  • Participant B joins the same room
  • B has audio and video tracks from B
  • B has no tracks from A.

I use the official jitsi-meet server.

I have the error logs:
lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?build=962:2 2021-12-01T09:20:05.896Z [modules/xmpp/JingleSessionPC.js] <Object.callback>: JingleSessionPC[session=P2P,initiator=true,sid=8581fe2b626a] Track replacement error: Error: replace track failed

Note that I also have this problem when I use the official Jitsi website as one of the participants.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

Thanks for your help