TrackID of track delivered by onTrackAdded not unique

Hi all,

we are developing an app using Ionic4, Angular2+ and LibJitsiMeet. As seen in the lib-jitsi-meet example ( we implemented the eventListener to call a function which puts the tracks in an array. This array is used to add audio and video html5 nodes through seperate audio and video components and finally attach the tracks to these nodes.

On the desktop browser implememtation, this seems to work fine, but we are struggeling a strange behavior when the ionic app is deployed on android tablets (Android 6 and Android 7): sometimes we have the tracks working as expected but some other time we only get a placeholder icon for the video stream. Looking into the developer console we can see, that in the latter case the stream ids for the video and audio tracks are identical. This is not the case when the video stream is working.

The engine which is running on tablet is chrome, ver: 74.0 (cordova webview plugin)

Any ideas on this?