Track which meetings have recording turned on and off

for recordingStatusChanged event, it tells the listener the following information:
on: boolean // new recording status - boolean,
mode: string // recording mode, local, stream or file,
error: string | undefined // error type if recording fails, undefined otherwise

However, if there are multiple meetings going on, how could the listener know which meeting has the recording turned on?

Is this the right event to track which meetings have recording turned on and off?

Please advise.

What are you trying to accomplish? recordingStatusChanged is an iframe event, so it refers to the meeting that was joined with that specific API object that sent it.

The use case is that the moderator can start recording the meeting, and we would like to let our server know that the moderator has recorded the meeting and trigger a notification to other users. If recordingStatusChanged is a local event, then probably we should use




You are using JaaS, right? Then using the webhook is the better approach for you.

Thanks a lot.