Track not updated on mobile devices, screen share add / remove broken when in the middle of a conference


First of all thanks for all the hard work in maintaining this beautiful piece of software.

We are encountering an issue in mobile (both iOS and Android) where track is not updated during conference, only on join, this does not affect the web version. As a result new joiners will not be able to see any change in track array (new screen share nor stopped screen share). After some debugging we found that neither “conference.trackAdded” nor “conference.trackRemoved” is triggered. This happens consistently on our server but unable to replicate on

Spend whole day trying to figure what is wrong to our setup and after many hours of debugging, we found that the issue lies with the config property “enableLipSync”. Comparing our config with and “enableLipSync” is defined false on your setup.

Searching for more information we found that it affects JVB directly.

It is known to break JVB as mentioned here:

Why did the official docs says that it is optional and is not defined (default true) in the config.js we use as a template? If it’s not needed and will break if true, please update the docs and default values?

We need to continuously have updated documentation or this will continue trouble others. (We couldn’t find a lot of information on this, so I’m writing a post here and hopefully it will help someone with the same issue)


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