TRACK_AUDIO_LEVEL_CHANGED not firing in Chrome

I’m having the opposite problem as this issue–Firefox is working, but Chrome is not:

In other words, when using a Firefox browser, my custom client receives TRACK_AUDIO_LEVEL_CHANGED events (regardless of whether the source of the audio is Firefox or Chrome) and when using a Chrome browser, my custom client does not receive TRACK_AUDIO_LEVEL_CHANGED events (again, regardless of whether the source of the audio is a Firefox or Chrome browser).

I can see that in the audio signal is visible, so it isn’t a Jitsi issue. What could cause Chrome to not fire these events for each participant?

I don’t understand why this is the solution, but here’s what I found:

There is a event documented in the lib-jitsi-meet API whose callback signature includes participantId and audioLevel. This is the event I was using to get audio level data.

There is an undocumented event (note the “track” and not “conference”) in the lib-jitsi-meet code whose callback signature is just audioLevel. It appears that this event works in Chrome as well as Firefox.