Tour guiding product/config

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There’s currently a big demand for a product for socially- distanced tour guiding. The features would be
One-way audio only, or video only when needed.
One to many; one host speaking to many (30 or more) guests.
Guests’ audio and video disabled. Guest audio could be enabled as required but probably better not to.
Very simple user setup. Download an app, enter a code sort of thing, much more will scare people off. If a URL would work with nearly all Android and iOS browsers that would be ideal.
Very low latency.

There is a commercial product but its cost puts it out of the reach of occasional guides and charity events. Its lag is about a second which is borderline acceptable, but WebRTC websockets etc may be able to improve on this.

I tried broadcast RTP via a mobile MiFi router but UDP packet loss was too high. I’m expecting this would need a central server.

Is there a product that would do this with no user-side config? Or a solution using an SDK server-side?

Sorry if this has been asked, I’m a newbie to this technology and wouldn’t necessarily know what approaches are suitable. Many thanks in advance.

Hello @grepnoid,

I don’t understand how it differs from the standard Jitsi with disabled audio/video by default.
And why latecy is so important since there is one way stream

Well that shows I’m a newbie - I don’t know how to disable them. Latency is important because it’s disconcerting to see a person’s mouth moving three seconds before their voice is heard.

Can I also disable guests seeing video windows at all? There’s no point in having a gallery of empty boxes, even if the (non-)video uses no bandwidth.

It’s possible to force the participants to start the session with muted audio/video but the participants can activate their microphone/camera when required.

It’s configured on `/etc/jitsi/meet/HOST-ADDRESS-config.js

This is audio/video synchronization. I meant the delay between the realization time and the display time when I said latency.

The speaker can turn off her camera at any time.

Thanks emrah

It’s OK for the guests to be able to unmute themselves.

And I wasn’t clear maybe. This is for a tour guide who guests see in real life, but hear via earphones. So we’re talking about the same latency. I’ll test it with a small number of people.

Jitsi may work as is, but I still think there’s room for some small tweaks to create a product that will perfectly fill a useful role.