Torture tool issue , bitrate not reach exepcted leavel

download torture tools and setup a jitsi meet server
Then use torture to start our test to check performance bench mark
mvn -Dthreadcount=1 -Dorg.jitsi.malleus.conferences=2 -Dorg.jitsi.malleus.participants=8 -Dorg.jitsi.malleus.senders=8 -Dorg.jitsi.malleus.duration=600 -Dorg.jitsi.malleus.room_name_prefix=openpaastest -Dremote.address=“” -Djitsi-meet.tests.toRun=MalleusJitsificus -Dwdm.gitHubTokenName=jitsi-jenkins -Dremote.resource.path=/usr/share/jitsi -Djitsi-meet.instance.url= -Djitsi-meet.isRemote=true test

we try 8 users on conference 2.
8 users running and not have issue.
But from network level , network pressure is very low.
Such as 200-300Kbits, from benchmark of jitsi that should around 37 streams reach to 10Mbytes.

Is that relate to the fake video file should add to selenium docker ?
or anything else?

Set resources to absolute path ,the pressure come and bit rate reach a high level.
Another question come, cpu is high
So when we try 100 users, we at least need 100 logic cpu?
Is there a way to low down the cpu consuming?