Toolbar's click event flow

i am pretty interested ,get to know about where the flow is going while clicking on control of any toolbar button like mic,video,screen share

Thank you for the response;)

is there reason to add this code while mute myself while sharing screen

Are you looking at the latest code? There were bugs in older versions while adding av moderation which are now fixed.

no i am asking about this code block
if (enable && stopScreenSharing) {
dispatch(toggleScreensharing(false, false, true));

it stopped screen share whenever i mute myself

That only stops screenshare if muteLocal is called with stopScreenSharing=true (that param is false by default). I did a quick search and did not see any calls that does that. Did you?

yes, in my local build it is working like this, you can see here i had added image Mute/unmute and screen share stop

so is there reason that we are stop screen share after click on mute

I am not doubting that you are seeing that issue. All I am saying is that it may not be that particular block of code that you mentioned, at least not in official Jitsi source since muteLocal function appears to never be called with stopScreenSharing=true.

In the post you linked to, you mentioned the issue is not in but only in your custom build that has lots of code changes. Perhaps the issue could be in how you might be calling that function?