Toolbar Items


Jitsi manage the toolbar items as per moderator. I have a task where I wanted to add few extra items in toolbar but only for moderator.
Please guide me which method is handling the toolbar items filtration and how I can add items.


You can combine event for role changed with command to overwrite config.

Here is an example:

const domain = "";
const options = {
	roomName: "my-room-name",
	width: 1200,
	height: 800,
	configOverwrite: {
		toolbarButtons: [
			'camera', 'microphone', 'hangup'
const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

api.on('participantRoleChanged', ({ role }) => {
	if (role === 'moderator') {
				toolbarButtons: [
					'camera', 'microphone', 'hangup', 'participants-pane'

In this case normal users would only have camera, microphone and hangup buttons while moderators would also have the button for participants pane.

Maybe I wrongly assumed you’re using iframe api, in which case the answer is a bit more difficult.


Ya I am working in source code. :unamused:

I think a good place to start looking for toolbar buttons is here. If you modify the toolbarButtons array here I think it should work.
As for checking if the user is a moderator, you can check out this function.