Toolbar buttons

Hi There,
there’s no way to change order of the toolbar buttons?

on my config i have
config.toolbarButtons = [‘microphone’, ‘camera’, ‘tileview’,‘fullscreen’,‘hangup’, ‘raisehand’, ‘select-background’, ‘desktop’, ‘closedcaptions’];

but “title view” is not in third place.

I have a docker installation.

Thank you all.

This is only an allowed botton list, it doesn’t affect the order. It’s needed to customize UI to change the order

Thank you for your feedback.

In a docker instalation i made many changes but i can’t change this right?


You can try this one

But in a docker installation i don’t have access to this files right?

Maybe in javascript (on the web container) i could have access to this variables and try to change, like APP.ui somefunction.

You need to clone jitsi-meet git repo in order to modify the source code… i don’t think that toolbar items ordering configuration available in config.js.

These things can be changed through source code.

Understood. Thank you very much. :+1: