TOOLBAR_BUTTONS override not working

I have been trying to configure the dial-in option for Jitsi using voxImport as the IVR.

Ii have been following these instructions, but cannot get the info button to show up.

I am running the 6865 on Docker.

I believe there are a number of current updates that may affect this feature. Is anyone able to confirm?

Thanks in advance.

toolbar option is moved from interface_config to config.js

Thanks for the reply.

I found the same thing, but if that is the full list of available buttons, ‘info’ is not included. It looks like they are in the peocess of moving settings and it has not been completed yet.

I am trying to add the info button according to these instructions:

Under the heading ‘Add the call out button to Meet’


Dear Ravenfire,

Thank you for your request.
The same story with the info button were described here - Dial In & info button - #8 by ps-natan4ik.
Info button is not available anymore separately and it is part of invite section.
Latest Jitsi config with toolbar_buttons confirms it - jitsi-meet/config.js at 389d455daae3d69bf4b527c55e42c68c98e67543 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Hi Denis,

Thanks for the confirmation that things have changed.

Unfortunately the dial-in information is not displayed on the invite menu. Now I know the information is up-to-date, I will need to confirm that I have that latest code and undo any modifications I may have made.Will review the links you made and update on the results.