Toolbar Buttons on app

How can I hide some of the buttons of the toolbar button in the app? Is this possible or is it only possible if I compile my own app?
I’ve been able to hide options such as live streaming, but I think that simply limits the option directly and for that reason the menu option disappears.
Would it be possible to hide buttons like video sharing or security options just like in an iframe or with the url?


Yes. Some of these can be hidden using both the iframe or URL. You do not need to compile anything.


Thanks @corby,
Yes, I read that forum message, and it works perfect to hide buttons via url and iframe, but the app seems not to respect the edition of the toolbar.
For example this url:“sergio”&config.toolbarButtons=[“microphone”,“camera”]

It should show only the microphone and camera buttons. It hides it in the web browser, but the app still shows all the buttons. This is why I think that if we wanted to make edits to the toolbar it would be necessary to compile an app.