Tokens or other auth method configurations


I’m testing jitsi, and I’m confused on authentication and roles.

I installed it following

What I would like to achieve is that users can join conferences from my website using a link like “” and they are always admins.
Other people instead join using “” and they are never granted admin permissions.

Am I correct about using jwt tokens? Or is this configurable in other ways?

Also, I tryed to change enableUserRolesBasedOnToken to true, but when I do that dialout breaks.

here’s the log from the developer console in chrome:

app.bundle.min.js?v=2942:sourcemap:2 [react/features/invite/functions.js] <>: Error searching directory: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
app.bundle.min.js?v=2942:sourcemap:2 [react/features/base/react/components/web/MultiSelectAutocomplete.js] <>: MultiSelectAutocomplete error in query SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Thanks all…


Currently jwt cannot control moderator role. You can have the first to join to be moderator or enabling a module, all participants to be moderators, the same way is configured.
If you enable secure domain, the first to join in a conference will be asked for username and password and after the authenticated user joins, guests can enter the room without authentication. If a guests try entering before the authenticated user, the guest will need to wait till the authenticated enters and will be automatically connected.


Thanks, but I have a further question now:
secure domain:
It is possible to allow only authenticated users for creating new conference rooms
this is done by setting authentication = “internal_plain”

If I enable secure domain and have this scenario:
authenticated user creates a room, he is the moderator
guests join
authenticated user leaves
who is the moderator now?

Also, can I use secure domain with authentication = “token”?


If this was the only moderator in the room, there will be no more a moderator and only guests.



Maybe I’m starting to understand.
Between these options I would like to enable moderator rights for all users (if everyone is a moderator, no one is a moderator).
How do I install

This file is included in jitsi-meet-tokens, but If I enable the official repo for prosody and install jitsi-meet-tokens I get a whole new set of issues.
Is there a more straightforward documentation to install muc_allowners on top of the basic installation described in the quick-install document?


You need to put that file in a folder and uncomment and add that folder like this:

Make sure the prosody user can read it.

Then under you need to enable it like:

Component "" "muc"
modules_enabled = { "muc_allowners" }