tokenAuthUrl broken?

I tried to configure tokenAuthUrl in my jitsi-meet config.js, I configured it to look like this:

tokenAuthUrl: 'https://myauthserver.mydomain.tld/auth?conference={room}',

Unfortunately, the room that gets passed back in url has been converted to lowercase and so does not accurately pass the room name (unless the room was named in all lower case - e.g. when creating a room via the welcome page ‘MyRoom’ is not the same room as ‘myroom’ but both get interpolated into the tokenAuthUrl {room} as ‘myroom’).

Am I missing something here or did I just find a bug?

Ok, I was missing something… :slight_smile:

The Titles on the client that the users see end up different (Mixed case room names display with spaces between capitalized words, while all lowercase room names run together), but it does result in the user hitting the same room…

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@siacali Could you explain how you would pass the jwt back to jitsi-meet after the user enters the login and password successfully from the authserver? Is it as simple as just redirecting the user to a url that has the jwt appended at the end of the conference room url?