Token support with websocket data channel

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From here: I’m seeing that “JWT token authentication currently works only with BOSH connections”. May I ask when will JWT token feature come to websocket? If it’s not in jitsi’s future plan, is there any workaround for us to use JWT with websocket or any similar feature that we can use to further secure our Jitsi deployment?

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There are no plans for using websockets at the moment or adding some handling for that, any PRs are welcome.


Hi @damencho,

Thank you for responding. May I also ask about the different between using websocket & data channel? For our test, iOS application is using websocket. Is it supperior to the old data channel. I’m asking this since we want to use jitsi-meet-token with our deployment but can’t make it work using websoket.

In the past, we were having problems with datachannel and the bridge so we switched on using websocket for communicating with the bridge.

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Could I know this one has been fixed, or still no support?