Token and guest access (again)


i tried many solutions from the forum here, but if i cannot get it running. Either guests have full access and can create any room or they have no access at all.
As far as i understand, there is a possibility for enabling token auth where guests get the “awaiting moderator” message. How can i set this up?
Btw. i did not find documentation for the various options for jitsi meet and how jitsi and prosody play together. If someone can give me a starting link, this would be nice.


redflo, I used this guide Secure Domain setup · Jitsi Meet Handbook to setup, where a user name and password is required to start any meeting, The person who logs in and starts the meeting becomes the “admin”, and once in the meeting, they can use a menu option to set a password which others attendees would need to enter to be able to join the meeting. The admin does not need to set a meeting password, and if none are set, then anyone knowing the existence of the meeting can join the meeting (once it has started).