Toggling between local and remote cameras

I’m wondering if is there any way to toggle between the local and remote cameras. Something similar to what happens with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, that when you click the image on the top right the images get swapped.

If it is not currently possible with the available options, do you have any idea on how to implement that?

I think it is a common use case.

Here you have a screenshot of what I mean:

Thanks in advance!

Unless I’m missing something in your ask, this is how Jitsi already works. In Stage view, you have (a) thumbnail(s) of the other participant(s); if you click on any thumbnail, it becomes the main speaker (on stage).

@Freddie, but I need that when you click on the remote participant image, his image goes to the main view and your image goes to the small view where that participant was (image swapping). Then, if you click again on the same small view, your image goes to the main view and the remote participant goes back to the same small view. Something similar to whatever popular videochatting app like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. PS: I updated the screenshot on my initial post to make things more clear.

And again, I say, this is exactly what happens on Jitsi. Have you tested it at all?