Toggle/Mute outgoing audio to specific participants

Hello All,

I did not know how to work my request in a more accurate manner but I was trying to research APIs which allow me to toggle the outgoing audio to specific participants in a meeting. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

For context, during certain parts of a meeting, I have a requirement to prevent everyone from hearing what I am saying. For instance, I might be reciting a secret phrase or providing instructions to a specific participant that others temporarily should not listen.


Private text message as an alternative for text based secrets.

It’s possible to open a private room on a new tab and mute the primary one.

Hello emrah,

Unfortunately that is not an option for my use case.

I have a scenario where the moderator should be able to toggle the audio output to certain participants, meaning what he/she says is audible only to specific, chosen participants until the option is set.