Toggle buttons behind right-side filmstrip

Hi everyone,

I’ve added a sidebar to the right of my video in hopes of adding some functionality to jitsi.
I’ve run into an issue where the right-side filmstrip (even when hidden) is preventing me from pressing my buttons that are clearly visible when the filmstrip is hidden but still cannot be pressed.

Does anyone know how I can solve this issue so i can press the buttons on screen?

I tried looking for the filmstrip and using z-index: -1000; or pointer-events: none; but i don’t think i’m putting it in the right location in CSS.

Any help locating the appropriate place to modify or add these would be greatly appreciated!



I actually found the horizontal_filmstrip and .vertical_filmstrip CSS files and moved the filmstrip from the right side to the left by switching all words “right” to “left” and “left” to “right”.
Easier fix!