Toggle between multiple sharing screen


Do we have functionality or can we develop to, toggle between multiple screen sharing. Toggle should happen between screen sharing and not users. It should rotate between multiple screen sharing.

@Ram1 -

If you are talking your own screen -

Currently, you can share one screen (or Window/tab on Chrome) at a time. Hot swapping the screen or window you are sharing is not currently possible (you need to stop sharing one and share something else). The screen sharing feature is more tied to the browsers than to the Jitsi Meet product.

If you are talking about participants -

Currently, all participants (with access) can share their screen at the same time. When in tile view, all screens are visible at the same time. When in stage view, you can click on the user’s thumbnail (on the right) to switch to see their screen share.

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Thanks @corby , But i need a feature which toggle between screen share.
E.g. if three user have shared their screen, then toggle should happen between three share screen.

How system should know which screen to show?
What you can try is follow me.