Today's connection issues - "your are the only..." and no sound

Today several people (from one location - South Moravia in the Czech Republic) were not able to connect to a public non-secured meeting at They were using Chrome (e.g. 86.0), Firefox (e.g. 81.0.2), from Windows or Android. Some were seeing “Your are the only one in the meeting” some were seeing participants (without video) but no sound (from anyone). Several people at the same time on different configurations were suffering from this. After about 30 minutes (10 minutes before this post) it recovered without any action from our side. That’s why I believe it was an infrastructure issue. Could you give us any prediction if it can occur again and if there is any action we could do on our side? We have distant teaching at a small elementary school and such dropouts are very annoying - small children (sometimes without parents) are not able to solve it anyhow. Thank you and very appreciate your work.

IP address of my Internet provider is, if it helps.

anche qui a Torino (Italia) il sistema non funziona.
Stessi problemi. Io uso Chrome e mi vedo da sola in aula .

To complete my story… After next 30 mins the drop-out reappeared. It lasted for about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, with such stability and without possibly promise of improvement, we can’t stay with this service (falling into lobby of MS Teams :frowning: ).

We experience the same problem in the past few days (Netherlands). Use of Jitsi seems impossible.
‘alone in the room’
No camera available

Should I make any changes in browser (now using Chrome) of privacy settings?

Please help.


We’ve been having a few outages, alas. They should be resolved now.

I got same problem on my own debian servers.
Any suggestions?

This happens mostly when the setup address and the link address are not the same

Could you give a little detail please ?
For example, I have 1 master and 4 jvbs.
The fqdn resolves master’s ip address.
So it means I cant use the jvbs?

FQDN must be resolved correctly but this FQDN must be the same one used during the installation too.

The missconfigured additional JVB may be another issue but before trying it, it’s better to be sure that the system is working with a single JVB which is on the same server