Today poor quality on

Dear all,
today I see issues on
I did some tests 4 hours ago with a friend and we had issues both with a pc (Chrome and Firefox) and a smartphone with app at latest version. Tried with more internet lines.
This evening I’m in another meeting with friends, in past weeks it worked well the same room, today we had to move to a new room, in the old one noone could listen.
Also in the new room quality is not good.
Do you know about last week changements?

We had identified an issue in the bridge which started becoming a problem after chrome 86 release last week and which is causing these kind of issues. We will be doing a new release soon to address those. Thank you for the report.

What a fast reply!
In the afternoon I asked to my friend to use Firefox but we had same problems, also using Firefox 81 on 1 side and jitsi meet app on the other side.

I saw that a new version has been released 2.0.5142 and it’s in use on, am I right? Could it fix the issue I experienced yesterday? I read the changelog but I’m not so expert to decrypt it.

Yes, all your assumptions are correct.

I confirm problems have been fixed, I had a call yesterday evening.