Today issue on with audio and video?

Dear all, it looks that today you can join a meeting but all users are mute and without camera even if everyone see them enabled on their devices.
Any news about it?

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This is probably to accommodate more participants as the service has become more popular.

They should still be able to unmute their microphones and enable their own video.

Also keep in mind any participant can remain muted and use the spacebar as push-to-talk to improve everyone’s meeting experience.

It looks that new rooms have the issue, with an old one everything works.
In new room I created this morning, every one is unmuted on the device, but noone listen or see others.


This is weird from a couple days now. I have two recurring rooms/URL, and in all of them it’s the same behavior. 2 people join, ok, but as soon as a 3rd participant enters the room, everybody is muted, no one can see each others, until someone is off. On my 1st meeting, I switched from Chrome to Firefox and that solved the problem, but on the 2nd meeting, no avail. We just couldn’t so we switched to Teams :frowning:

I experienced the same thing. I was just testing and using a previously used meeting ID between my Win 10 PC w/Firefox and my Android phone.
it had worked several days ago just fine, but about midday I could not get it to work at all.

And then this evening it worked fine without changing a thing except I created a new meeting ID. I doubt that really changed anything from what I see already commented on.

I had the same issue in a meeting this morning. About six participants. Five were able to leave the meeting and return with sound and video; we were able to see the sixth, but he never was able to get his video or sound to work.

I am a school IT manager. We use Jitsi for all the virtual classrooms since march, 16th. It worked fine until 2 days ago when multiple meetings had some issues with audio and video muted. Today, I was following my child’s math lesson in a meeting where we could not hear nor see anything. All participants including the teacher had their cam and mic muted. We tried to reconnect the meeting unsuccessfully. And then suddenly, 20 minutes after the beginning of the lesson, the teacher shared desktop appeared and we could listen to him as if he had no clue of our problem. I figure that not everyone in this meeting was having this audio and video issue.
I hope this will be solved soon as I have a lot of pressure to migrate to another platform, that I do not want to…

Yesterday evening I tried again the room created on morning of may 6th and everything worked, I suppose it was a wrong setting on specific instance and now it’s fixed.

I am currently experiencing this same issue with 3+ clients. With 2 clients the peer2peer mode is working fine but 3+ and everyone loses audio/video.

Is everything okay at 8x8?

i receive the same problem… still cant figure out what is wrong :sob:

Hi, i experience the same problem… getting the same pressure to migrate since im using jitsi for my online classroom… really need jitsi team to fix this problem…i think maybe they change their setting or something, since the old one really works great. Im facing these problem almost a week now…

The same problem when the 3 participant joins. I was looking for solutions today, I’m still not clear what happens, but I created a meeting with another name that I have never used and it worked. I hope Jitsi’s team fixes this problem.

Look: Conference not working for more than 2 people using

@damencho @saghul There are many troubles on Could you investigate what is going on over there?

There is a lot of other reports here too: Loss of participants, video and sounds crashs when 12+ attendees

We are rolling out some updates which hopefully fix these.


Should now be fixed for all European and APAC participants. North and South American releases should happen today

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Is it just a fix for or should we update our own installations as well? Jicofo or jvb?

We believe the issue is now addressed everywhere. We have made Jicofo and JVB changes to address this. We still think there is a lingering issue with prosody that would cause it to go all the way up to 100% CPU.

This is significantly more rare though.

We are continuing to look at the situation


@emcho would you please elaborate a bit on the changes you have applied to address this issue ?

I ran into a similar issue today with our own deployment where remote users were joining but in local side their cam and mic are disabled despite the fact that both CAM and MIC are enabled at their side.

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Mohamed Abada

Hello Emcho, I just installed jitsi on a local server (google cloud) and would like to do if this exact thing happens to the room. As soon as other participant joins they appear with mic an camera disabled and there is no way to turn them on.

fresh install from jitsi /stable ubuntu 18 server

Kind regards

Sorry, accidentally deleted the previous one

I had the same issue , i’m trying with last 1month
When 3 rd person joined muted audio and video.
no errors in console log