? to decouple video and audio (for multi-lingual support in different audio streams)

Is it possible to decouple video and audio?
(for multi-lingual support in different audio streams
so that one can choose just audio stream they wanna hear)

We don’t have that capability, but you should be able to emulate if by locally muting the participants you don’t wish to hear. Check the 3 dots menu in each participant tile.

You mean each participant could manage that manually…not elegant, but understandable.

Correct. Alternatively you could use the external API to automate it I think. If you have a way to identify translator participants you could mute the ones the user doesn’t want.


Is there an option for translators to dial-in?
Would that make their sound quality better and reduce the delay?

You can have dial-in for anyone, but they cannot control which people to hear.
With dial-in you are adding even more hops to the media (jvb to the jigasi component to the sip provider to the mobile provider to the mobile phone) which will produce bigger delay, and not sure why you think the quality will be better, but it is the opposite. Phones use 8kHz while joining with mobile app or web you get 44kHz, even not trained ear can hear the difference.

Good to know. I have paranoia of a translator dropping out in conference - only due to this I thought that would be an important option to have.