/tmp alternative?


With a lot of trial and error, I found internet connections would fail due to /tmp being set with the “noexec” flag. Remounting with “exec” and restarting videobridge had video working for external (internet) connections (this is on Ubuntu 16.04 and is on a box that is behind a router with NAT). Is there a preferred way to specify an executable tmp directory to Jitsi?

I experimented with adding “-Djava.io.tmpdir=/my/tmp/dir” to JAVA_SYS_PROPS and restarted the Jitsi services, but had no luck (a directory got created, but no files, video connection still failed). I suspect I may be using the wrong property name, the wrong owner permissions on the directory (jvb:jitsi), or I need to define this temp directory to the Jitsi cohorts like prosody and jicofo.

Does /tmp have to be flagged as “exec”? Are there any alternatives?

Fixed it! (Well, so far it works.)

So, if anyone runs into this: the tmpdir specified above, let’s say /my/tmp/dir. That needs the permissions updated. I did chmod 777 /my/tmp/dir and restarted the Jitsi services. Video and audio now seem to work for external network users. And the /tmp directory still had the “noexec” flag set. It looks like my mistake was setting up the /my/tmp/dir and forgetting to set the permissions with chmod.