Title is not changing

I have changed everything in my local like title html and interface config

but still the title html is not being replaced

Please let me know how can I solve this

By local, you mean the local deployment, right?

Or you are running jitsi-meet locally with make dev, if this is the case, you should now that when running in this mode configuration (config.js and interface_config.js) and index.html are coming from the deployment you use for development, if it is the default one, you cannot change it, you need your own deployment and change it there.

Yes I am making it with make dev on my local, when you said my own deployment what is the one I need to deploy? could I please know

Thank you! very much @damencho

after deploying it to my server how can I point my local to use my own server when we run make dev?

WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET="https://myserver.com" make dev

Thank you! :grinning: