Tip: websocket and the additional JVBs

when you are connected on the JVB host via SSH, can you do

curl -k meet-jit-si-turnrelay.jitsi.net:443

if it returns ‘recv failure connection reset by peer’ the harvester is accessible, if no (timeout, resolution failure)t there is a problem.

Was referring to @gpatel-fr 's comment:

So @emrah can you advise under what conditions that Harvester can get the IPs by itself instead of needing to configure in sip-communicator.properties?

Since all outbound traffic is allowed, no issues with curling the Jitsi’s turn relay.

In this case I can’t see a reason for your Jvb not picking its public address. Your options are to live with setting the addresses by hand, or if you want to help the Jitsi-meet project to investigate to fix a potential bug.

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