Tip: how to customize ffmpeg without changing Jibri's code

Okay thank you for your response.But where will i add the RTMP URL.!I have share the screnshot when i click on start livestream this option is showing to put only the youtube livestream key.Screenshot from 2021-02-03 13-05-04|690x387

You put the link here


the text box in your screenshot

okay.Tq .i will try out this.

Hello @Pierre_Ozoux
I have a query about scaling jibri’s on K8s based on the jibri status i.e if it’s BUSY then scale it and when the status is IDLE, scale it down. Is it possible? And how are you managing jibri scaling at your end?

This is an excellent question :slight_smile:

We started this project to answer it :slight_smile:

But it is highly alpha, and we’ll continue to work on it in august I think. If you want to collaborate, we are obviously open, feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

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You can check the available Jibris using the following command on JMS
(Don’t forget to install the jq package)

curl -s | jq .jibri_detector
curl -s | jq .jibri_detector.count
curl -s | jq .jibri_detector.available

Thanks @emrah. Actually I’m trying to write a custom-autoscaler for jibri for k8s using this repo and I’m halfway done but I think there are some issues with this repo. @Pierre_Ozoux Please check out this repo. I think it might be helpful.

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Thanks @damencho