Tip: hacky way to start recording automatically

This method works only if the moderator uses the web interface.

Edit /usr/share/jitsi-meet/body.html

function startRecording() {
  try {
    // check the role
    var role = APP.conference._room.getRole();
    if (role === null) throw 'not ready';

    // check the recording status
    var isRec = APP.store.getState()["features/recording"].sessionDatas[0];
    if (role == "none" && isRec === undefined) throw 'not ready';

    // if recording is already started, stop checking
    if (isRec !== undefined) return true;

    // start recording
    APP.conference._room.recordingManager.startRecording({mode: 'file'});
  } catch(e) {
    // if there is an error, try again a few seconds later
    setTimeout(function() {startRecording();}, 3000);



emrah You mean, in the vanilla + docker version, if we put this in body.html, the recording feature will begin automatically ?

But the only thing is, the moderator ( the one who creates the meeting ) should be using the web interface ( from desktop or phone ) Am I right ?


BRILLIANT!!! Works for me

Works perfectly for web version.

How do we enable it for mobile applications ?? I mean, what will be needed ?

I don’t know the mobile side. It’s possible to patch the mobile client and to use your own custom client for your meetings but this is not sustainable.

@emrah Brilliant idea. Save me many days trying to mimic moderator send_iq in the lua script

@emrah thanks it’s really good Idea but it wilp not work in mobile app correct ? It’s good if something will happen from backend like @shooding is try to do. I think he is still struggling.

yes, it’s only for web client

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