Tip: customizing the configuration after upgrade

I never customize the Jitsi configuration manually. I use a customization script and run it after the installation and the upgrades.

This is a simple customization script sample.


set -e

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# This script customizes the Jitsi installation.
# usage:
#     bash customize.sh
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
BASEDIR=$(dirname $0)

mkdir -p $BASEDIR/backup
cp $INTERFACE $BASEDIR/backup/interface_config.$(date +'%Y%m%d%H%M%S').js
cp $CONFIG $BASEDIR/backup/config.$(date +'%Y%m%d%H%M%S').js

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# interface_config.js
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

cp $BASEDIR/$FAVICON $JITSI_MEET/images/favicon.ico
cp $BASEDIR/$LOGO $JITSI_MEET/images/watermark-custom.png
sed -i "/^\s*DEFAULT_LOGO_URL:/ s~:.*~: 'images/watermark-custom.png',~" \

sed -i "/^\s*APP_NAME:/ s~:.*~: '$APP_NAME',~" $INTERFACE

sed -i "/^\s*DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND:/ s~:.*~: true,~" $INTERFACE
sed -i "/^\s*HIDE_INVITE_MORE_HEADER:/ s~:.*~: true,~" $INTERFACE
sed -i "/^\s*JITSI_WATERMARK_LINK:/ s~:.*~: 'https://www.mydomain.com/',~" \
sed -i "/^\s*LANG_DETECTION:/ s~:.*~: false,~" $INTERFACE
sed -i "s~'invite', *~~" $INTERFACE
sed -i "s~'videobackgroundblur', *~~" $INTERFACE

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# config.js
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
sed -i "/disableAudioLevels:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/disableAudioLevels:/ s~:.*~: true,~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/startAudioMuted:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/startAudioMuted:/ s~:.*~: 10,~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/resolution:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/resolution:/ s~:.*~: 720,~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/constraints:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/constraints:/ s~:.*~: \
video: {\
aspectRatio: 16 / 9, \
height: {\
ideal: 720, \
max: 720, \
min: 240}}},~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/startVideoMuted:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/startVideoMuted:/ s~:.*~: 10,~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/startWithVideoMuted:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/startWithVideoMuted:/ s~:.*~: true,~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/channelLastN:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/channelLastN:/ s~:.*~: 2,~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/requireDisplayName:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/requireDisplayName:/ s~:.*~: true,~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/defaultLanguage:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/defaultLanguage:/ s~:.*~: 'en',~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/disableInviteFunctions:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/disableInviteFunctions:/ s~:.*~: true,~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/doNotStoreRoom:/ s~//\s*~~" $CONFIG
sed -i "/doNotStoreRoom:/ s~:.*~: true,~" $CONFIG

How do you deal with images? Do you upload an image folder? Include in install?

yes. I have not many images. I put the images in a folder on the host and copy them to the static image folder under jitsi-meet while running the script

With this script I see the favicon and the logo on the authentication page.
How can I also change the Home Page?
In this one I always see the Jitsi logo, of the mountains with the box where to define the room and at the bottom a white area with the list of active rooms.
In addition to change the logo and the image, I would like to insert a text as a disclaimer.
He also heard another text on the page used for authentication.

Jitsi interface changed a bit after this script. Now jitsi uses watermark.svg not png

And where is it watermark.svg?
Does it match the background?


In /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js

DEFAULT_LOGO_URL: 'images/watermark.svg',
DEFAULT_WELCOME_PAGE_LOGO_URL: 'images/watermark.svg',

I see that:

  • On the welcome page the images watermark.svg and welcome-background.png are still active.
  • On the login page there is watermark-custom.svg, but very small.

I have seen other pages with tips for changing the Jitsi layout, but if I have to manually work on the configuration files, there is no need for a script that changes only two things.

The Jitsi page must be the reference point because each has its own policies, terms of service, images, logo, calendar, instructions for those new to Jitsi, …

a few days ago i did an upgrade from stable april´20 to april´21 version. Now i can´t find the dial out option to add the PSTN participants. Have someone an idea or tip for me?

If properly configured, you’ll find it in the “Invite more people” pop-up.

I see in interface_config.js two options. 1. ENABLE_DIAL_OUT: true and 2. Sharing Features: ‘email’ ‘dial-in’ ‘embed’ ‘url’ … if i change dial-in to dial-out it has no effekt. Is there something more to do?

How is your jigasi configured using muc or component? Old way was with component new one is with muc, not sure but maybe upgrade of jigasi is not handling it …

I use muc and jigasi ist the only thing i didn’t upgrade (V. 1.0-235) because there is a problem with the Gateway. So you think that is the Problem, why i can’t see the option in the UI?

As jicofo expects jigasi to join in the brewery room for jigasi. I think this is your problem …