TIP: ChromeDriver Update

Hello All

Chromedriver has been updated to 83. If you updated your jibri system using apt-get, then you must upgrade to chromedriver 83. else selenium will fail to load and jibri will stop streaming & recording

you’ll see an error like this, if you updated your google-chrome to 83 & not the chromedriver to 83

Error starting Jibri service : org.openqa.selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: session not created: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 81
  (Driver info: chromedriver=81.0.4044.69 (6813546031a4bc83f717a2ef7cd4ac6ec1199132-refs/branch-heads/4044@{#776}),platform=Linux 4.15.0-101-generic x86_64) (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information)
Command duration or timeout: 318 milliseconds

Thank you for this heads up. Can you tell me how I would upgrade the chromedriver to 83?

Thank you

just run the chromedriver install again

CHROME_DRIVER_VERSION=`curl -sS chromedriver.storage.googleapis.com/LATEST_RELEASE`
wget -N http://chromedriver.storage.googleapis.com/$CHROME_DRIVER_VERSION/chromedriver_linux64.zip -P ~/
unzip ~/chromedriver_linux64.zip -d ~/
rm ~/chromedriver_linux64.zip
mv -f ~/chromedriver /usr/local/bin/chromedriver
chown root:root /usr/local/bin/chromedriver
chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/chromedriver
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When I do wget …
it returns wget: invalid option – ‘s’
Usage wget [OPTION]… [URL]…
no download.
Any advice anyone?

Im sure its a typo…

Check this line, and be sure the comand has the ` before and after curl command

see what happens when i copy and paste here. And see masteryoda post

CHROME_DRIVER_VERSION=curl -sS chromedriver.storage.googleapis.com/LATEST_RELEASE

Workaround was via ssh terminal on laptop with copy and paste. non-English keyboard issues caused the error. Thanks.

i have chrome and chromedriver 83, but jibri complaint no session media. the only way to fix is by downgrading (to previously working ver, 78). dont know why

Try 81

do you happen to know why? i’m guessing audio policy. will try 81, thx

must be something google introduced in latest build that breaks jibri

I installed version 83 earlier today using apt update but thank goodness, it still works: Have recorded a number of meetings since the update. This would suggest to me the cause might not be Chromedriver version 83, might it?. Can anyone else confirm 83 works? I have not rebooted the server yet. :mask: not going there for now.

A little bit off-topic: We tried 83 but than Jibri recording went down after a second or two. We only managed to see in the recording, that chrome tab crashed and because of that whole recording crashed. Nothing in chrome logs about the cause of tab crash.
Just downgrading to 81 solved the problem, we will stick with this version until newer version hopefully fix this. Anyone experienced similar behaviour?

I’m on the following version

Google Chrome 83.0.4103.106
Chrome Driver ChromeDriver 83.0.4103.39

jibri works fine for me.

Just checked chromedriver website & it says there’s a new version 84

So expect an upgrade to googlechrome

suggest that you disable the sources


until some braveheart tries it out :rofl:

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You can also use sudo apt-mark hold google-chrome-stable instead of disabling the apt source list. When you are ready to upgrade, sudo apt-mark unhold google-chrome-stable.


I was runing 81, now 83… no problems! Thank god :smiley:
What are the crashes in jibri you have with 83 version @apit? Share more info, this could help you and everyone with the same problem (or avoiding others before it happens!)

Thank you, this solved it for me :slight_smile: