Timer Feature for Breakout Rooms

Hi guys,

I love Jitsi and use our self-hosted instance every day for work! Thank you for the great open-source product! :heart:

Now, to my feature request / idea: In bigger calls (40ish people) I use the breakout room feature frequently. It works well, except for the part when I want to reconvene everybody back into the main room. To my knowledge there is currently no way for me to set a timer that appears in all breakout rooms to let them know I will be closing the breakout room soon. This creates a very harsh and abrupt ending for the people in the breakout rooms since they are basically thrown out without warning.

Is there any solution to this problem that I am not aware of?

If there is none, I think a global timer that I could set from the main room to all breakout rooms would be an amazing feature to have.

Again, thanks for you work and curious to hear what the community thinks!


Bumping this one :slight_smile: Would be great to hear if it’s a feature that’s on the roadmap or being considered!

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