Time Sensitive - Developer Needed

Hi everyone,

We’re looking for a video conferencing set up to help us with a new project we have in the works. From research, it seems like Jitsi would be our leading option to develop it to reach more (if not all) of the needs we’d like it to accomplish.

Can anyone tell us if this is doable? And if so, would love to set up a call to discuss it further and get a quote/ timeline for this project. Please reach out if you think you could help us!

Our goals for the site:

  • Have the video conferencing page imbedded into a larger website.
  • Private space / password protected meetings
  • When in full room view - Having a select number of Leaders (multiple - not a single speaker view) as larger screen for certain activities, and minimize them with focus on the full team on others.
  • Ability to silence half of the group from another, while all still visible.
  • Breakout rooms
  • Buzzers: or ways for individual to chime in and get everyone’s attention.
  • Allow for document uploads / ideally visible, but not full screen sharing. A pop up would be ideal.
  • Interface allows for full customization of backdrop and graphics
  • Interface allows for leaders to change individuals’ backdrops (ideal, but not a deal breaker)
  • Interface allows for team members to be organized in specific order on screen (by leaders) but for all to see the same
  • Interface allows for border to be created for each screen (and ideally changed throughout by Leaders)
  • Music to be played through page to all screens

We know this is a lot to ask, and may not be totally doable, but would love to hear back from the experts on what we think is manageable, and the timeline and budget to make it happen!