Time of a meeting

How can I set the time of a meeting? For example define a meeting to last 15 minutes and then disconnect. Thanks a lot!

As far as I know, Jitsi is designed to keep the meeting running last as long as there is someone in the meeting room.

(it is never nice to be ejected from a room due to a time limit when you not finished discussing a point with someone, in virtual or physical meetings)

Please see: How to end meeting for all when moderator ends meeting

A possible manual solution: If you want the meeting to “terminate” at a particular time, have a moderator keep track of the time and then kick out everyone at the end of the meeting.
If they keep logging back in when you don’t want to, have the moderator set a password toward the end of the meeting before starting to kick people out.
This could be challenging if you have large numbers of participants.