Time limits and session timeouts

Greetings. I apologize for the relatively simple and non-technical questions but I could not find them satisfactorily answered elsewhere and as I am using Jitsi Meet for a very important project(helping quarantined hospital patients connect with family) I need to be absolutely sure about these issues.

Firstly, is there a limit to the duration of a call. Can a call go on for hours or even days? I see on the homepage of meet.jit.si : “100% open source video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free” but was unsure if unlimited call duration was the correct interpretation.

Secondly, is there a timeout on a room for a call in which one participant has left. For example if two people are in a room and one leaves, is it possible for the one person left to stay in the room alone for hours/days and have someone rejoin? If not what are the limits to that.

Thank you to anyone with the knowledge or experience who can chime in, you are really helping.


Hello Andy,
I found your post while researching the same issue today. I’m using the Jitsi app on an iPad the exact same way you do (must stay on for days in the same meeting)
Did you ever find out a solution? If you could share that, it would be immensely helpful.

As per I know, currently there is a hard limit of 75 participant in a single room in https://meet.jit.si but if you host your own server you will be able to change…
and no hard time limit for a single session, so it is possible to occupy a single room and make it password protected for a long time for a single person.

But from my point of view you may not be able to occupy a single room for more than 6 hours, otherwise you could just occupy so many rooms for indefinite time. From my experienc, up to 6 hours was working ok. the thing is if you are planning to use commercially you are gonna need to use self hosted server but for normaal use you can use fixed lengthy room name like “xyzhospitalpatientid1234” and password protection.

you are not up-to-date…Last time I saw an advice from someone from Jitsi project, it was 300 pushing to 500. That’s with pagination of course, there is no way a browser can handle 500 simultaneous media streams.

Oh my bad. So now meet.jit.si can support 300? and is pagination already in stable?

given that it was announced in August it most certainly is.

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Thanx for the info…!!

Yep, pagination is in stable since few releases now. 500 is available on 8x8.vc and 100 for meet.jit.si.

Sorry, I don’t think this addresses my issue:

  • Is it possible to leave the iOS Jitsi app open on a specific room for days on end, even if there’s only one participant?

I’d like to allow people to “virtually drop-in” at any time. I tried using meet.jit.si in a browser but got an error telling me to use the iOSapp instead.

thanks for any clues.

I suspect you missed one of the options that said you could continue launching in the browser. It’s not an error message, just options on how to join the meeting in a mobile environment.

Thanks Freddie, indeed I don’t remember seeing that so I’ll definitely check it out!