Time limit on breakout rooms possible?

Is it possible to set a 20 minute time limit on breakout rooms with the external api? I made a website for a church and we are already able to make groups with the breakout rooms but they want them to automatically close after 20 / 25 minutes. Is that possible if we dont run Jitsi from our own server? Thank you all in advance!

That is currently not possible.

Thank you for your reply Sagul. Not possible with the external api or not at possible in general? Would it be if we run it on our own server? Thanks again and have a nice day!

You can add your logic with iframeAPI, after x amount of time the moderator to close the room via command closeBreakoutRoom.
But there is no such feature out of the box, if you want to implement it server-side, that needs to happen in your deployment in the prosody modules.