TileView - Hide participants without video

Hi all,

first of all thanks for this great project and the great community!

After testing a few things there is one question which is important to our usecase: Is it possible to hide all participants who deactivated their video in the Tile View? We would like to only see participants there which have activated their camera.

Is there an option for this?
Is there an easy way to implement this in the source code? Perhaps someone could give a hint where to start.



I have the same question. Is there an easy way to handle this?

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I have the same question! Loving Jitsi so far, but it would be great to have a way to hide tiles of those who aren’t showing their camera. Thank you!

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I have a similar question. I am using jitsi as a theatre, so I would like to hide everyone but the performers (ie hide the audience).

The live streaming doesn’t solve the problem?

I’m not sure re my issue. I need the theatre to be embedded into my website and only viewable by people who are registered, and I need interaction with the audience - at least to the extent that they can applaud and be heard by the actors. The first two might be doable with a YouTube stream, but I’m not sure about the third.