Tile View in vertical orientation

I am using my 16:9 Monitor in vertical orientation and the participants are shown nexto each other allthough the screenspace could be used more efficiently.

how can I fix this
or is there a way to fix this?

Hey I have a fix for this and will be submitting it soon (I’m making sure my code is readable and won’t create bugs). In the meantime are you looking to fix this client side, with a chrome extension; or server side, modifying the javascript for everyone?

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I have a complementary request/idea: to locate all the images in a single line. As many others might have, my camera on located at the top of the screen. If the tile images are in a line at the top I will look closer to the camera, offering a better experience to the audience. If you solve the vertical arrangements it might be possible (only might) that you provide the community with the transposed arrangements.
Thank you anyway for your forthcoming contribution.
Carlos, from Uruguay

I’d love to have the chats stacked up in a vertical column when the window is less than 1/3rd the width of the display. It’s ideal for example when playing a 4:3 board game, but want to see the other players in the jitsi video call off to the side.