Tile View Horizontal Pagination

The current tile view option is to scroll vertically. We want to make an option to scroll horizontally in Tile View. Can someone give any idea as to how we should proceed programatically?

Zunaid Hasan

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Have you tried the horizontal filmstrip? Just set the following to false.

You can also try this out quickly using URL params. Look for horizontal filmstrip option here - Jitsi URL Generator

This will make the filmstrip bar to show horizontallly in case of Dominant Speaker View. Not the entire tileview

Ah, you were referring to tile view. My bad. I misunderstood.

No problem.
We are trying to make a 3rd view where instead of vertical scrolling we can move the view horizontally. Did a bit RnD on that but we are not sure how to proceed

That sounds like an interesting use case.

Doesn’t sound like a trivial change to make in Jitsi Meet, but this isn’t something I’m familiar with so :person_shrugging:.

@saghul would probably be the best person to comment on this.

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There is no good way to add this TBH. Our layout is already quite complex and I don’t think we’d accept a change to scroll in a different direction at this time, sorry.

Its ok . However, can you please provide us the answer on how Jitsi / how logic algorithm is calculating Rows and column count on responsive UI? @saghul