Thumbnail Mode for entire video call

Specifically, this is to replicate a Zoom feature. where if you click on the Minimize button in the upper right of the call screen the entire call goes to a thumbnail view approximately 4 inches by 3 inches, shows the Active Speaker and has basic controls if you hover your mouse over it.

This allows working on whatever other platform you like, while having your video call stay on top in a thumbnail format just under the webcam perched on the top of your screen (or built-into the top of your laptop screen). It’s the next best thing to having Jitsi integrated into the platform you’re working on (perhaps better stated, it precludes the need to have Jitsi integrated in the platform you’re working on.)

(I spent some time unsuccessfully looking for this feature in the Jitsi call controls, and hopefully didn’t overlook an entry on this subject here in the forum when I scanned for one.)

In Zoom, does this work if you are using Zoom via a browser? Or only if you are using the installed Zoom software?

Are you using the Jitsi electron app, or do you access it through your browser?

Great question Neil. Indeed, I believe it only works in Zoom when using the installed Zoom software. I’m accessing Jitsi through a browser.

I’m a confessed, and now revealed, Jitsi newbie amature. Would the Jitsi Electron app offer such a Thumbnail Call feature? Can one use the Jitsi Electron app on a desktop/laptop?

Thanks for your response.

I don’t think it does at the moment, so your feature request may well remain valid.

My gut feeling those is that most people access Jitsi using their web browser (and, ideally, one shouldn’t need to install software for a video conference, IMHO), and so probably couldn’t take advantage of this feature.

Being able to access a call simply through ones browser is huge, I completely agree.

However, having a choice (referencing back to the choice that Zoom offers in this regard) that would unlock certain key features, I would offer is highly attractive. The Thumbnail Call mode that I’m describing probably sounds pedestrian, but I’m asserting it’s sneaky sexy. That feature pretty much completely eliminates any desire I have for my video calling platform to be integrated with the platform I’m actually working on with folks in the call.

Yet that might still bury the lead, because I think it might even rise to core functionality for those with only a single screen (like essentially all laptop users). What use is a video feed if it’s buried beneath what you’re working on?

I saw a number of entries in this forum category of folks looking for a thumbnail view while they’re screen-sharing. What I’m describing is a super-version of that. A Thumbnail Call Mode feature would:

  1. Provide a thumbnail video stream simultaneously with sharing ones screen in Jitsi
  2. Provide a thumbnail video stream no matter what platform the group was collaboratively working on, and while sharing it or not.
  3. Solve the issue of having only one screen while doing anything else on your computer while on a video call.

That’s my pitch. :slight_smile:

A bit like this? (Tested using the Jitsi electron app for macOS)

Yup. I assume it would show Active Speaker and probably has basic controls if you hover your mouse over it? That’s it really. You’re using it on a computer, I imagine (not your phone).

My computer OS is Windows, but so I should obviously be using the Jitsi Electron app then? Can you point me the way, my good man?

Thank you for so promptly guiding a wandering video-call journeyman…

It might be worth a try.

FWIW, I use my browser, but the latest version of the app (released yesterday, I think), is really rather good.

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What about chrome’s pip mode, right click on the large video and enable it?

@damencho, the pip mode is great tipp!