Thread got stuck while use JNIdecoder for AMR-WB

Hi, I am trying to create decoder for amr-wb. I just extended JNIDecoder to invoke doProcess(…) method to decode. But, while creating decoder object, thread got stuck. I dont know that am i doing right or not

public class G722_2_AMR_WB_JavaDecoder extends JNIDecoder implements Decoder {

private final static Log LOG = LogFactory.getLog(G722_2_AMR_WB_JavaDecoder.class);

public G722_2_AMR_WB_JavaDecoder() {       

public byte[] decode(byte[] receivedData) {
    LOG.error("Received length--> " +receivedData.length);
    byte[] decoded16khz = new byte[receivedData.length];
    Buffer outputBuffer = new Buffer();

    Buffer inputBuffer = new Buffer();

    doProcess(inputBuffer, outputBuffer);

    LOG.warn("seq->"+inputBuffer.getSequenceNumber() +"\n Length" +inputBuffer.getLength());

    return (byte[]) inputBuffer.getData();

public byte[] decode(byte[] encoded, int channel) {
    return decode(encoded);

public void initialize(int channel) {



I am using 1.1-0-g19f651af version. please help me out.