This is what youtubers/d-livers need

**When it comes to things like this I have a very unique and pervasive list of things needed. **
**The reasons are for Professional Usage of LIVESTREAMS and not just little Chit-Chat. **
**Trying to find a good Alternative to Zoom. Is Jitsi gonna perform? Is Jitsi gonna have what I need? **
**Where’s the automatic download for PC/Laptop? **
**In Linux there’s a bunch of download for Jitsi. **
**Why all the confusion and complexities? **
**This should be an automatic download like 90% of all downloads in Open Source. **
**Even if you have a ‘SERVER’ the only thing you’ll need is a Download of the ‘ACTUAL APP’ since this supposed to operate on a Cloud Based Service. **
**Streamlining and Simplicity is needed. **
**UPLOAD of a ICON/AVATAR 4:3 or Virtual Background 1920:1080 for those who seek not to be having their faces on camera for YOUTUBE purposes. **
PLUS an OBS Integration linkage is needed upfront and not hidden.