Third attendee clobbers meeting

I’ve just set up our internal Jitsi server on an AWS EC2 instance; Ubuntu 16, 2 cores, 8GB RAM, 5GB bandwidth, nginx. The initial meeting with two people looks great–no issues. However, as soon as the third person joins the meeting, video and audio transmission stop (video goes full black), and no communication is possible. As soon as the 3rd person drops, the meeting comes back to life as though nothing happened. We’ve tested with the third person using a browser (Chrome), and the Jitsi app on IOS and Android. Same behavior in all cases. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Are you behind NAT? If so, have you followed this:

Have you forwarded the ports needed for the videobridge? Ports 4443/tcp and 10000/udp need to be allowed inbound to your Jitsi server.

Yes, all ports are opened IAW docs.

I’ve been back through the installation process to see if anything was missed; all clear. We’re on an AWS EC2 instance; security group is properly configured for 443, 4443, and 10000-20000 inbound, FQDN is assigned in DNS. After restarting the server, the current behavior is that participants 1 & 2 have the full experience, but when the third joins, all video is turned off. The meeting is still viable, but without video. To each user, it appears that the other users’ cameras are turned off (gravatars are visible if used), but all users’ cameras are actually enabled. So, for example, I see my camera live in the thumbnails on my screen, but the other users only see my gravatar. All users see this behavior. It’s as though the videobridge can’t scale beyond 2 users.

The way I solved this is to ensure Jitsi knows its public IP as mentioned in the quick install guide. The relevant section is here: