There is no administrator role?

I’ve just installed Jitsi on Ubuntu, but there seems to be no security (like login). Anyone that accesses the Jitsi URL can create a meeting…

How can I be the only one creating a meeting and inviting participants?

Yes! I’m new at Jitsi too, but there should be an easy way to protect our Jitsi instances from unwanted public usage?
I found this:
But it was a bit too complicated for me and it didn’t work. Anyone have succeded in securing their Jitsi installations?

Also, I started using Jitsi in my Matrix server with custom integration manager, so I have a question as well, if Jitsi installation is secured in that way (allowing only authenticated users to create rooms), then how would that work in Matrix (Dimension integration manager or now Riot client as well)? How would they interact with secured Jitsi? How woul dthey authenticate?



As for your first question: you can prevent public use. It’s quite easy, actually, I fixed that last night. Here’s what I did.

As for your second question… I’m trying to integrate my own Jitsi into Matrix as well, but can’t seem to find anything that works. How did you fix that?