The Web client fails

I deployed jitsi-meet, JVB2, 5870 version of Jicofo using Docker in the cloud, but failed to create a multi-party meeting on the PC browser. However, after the Jitsi IOS App is used to create a meeting, the PC browser can be used to join the meeting. I used JWT authentication to create meetings. The browser Console error message is in the uploaded file.
error.txt (46.1 KB)
error.txt (46.1 KB)

Looks like you need to upgrade (or temporarily apply for an origin trial) - Plan B deprecation. What version exactly are you running?

I use docker to deploy version 5870. How do I upgrade it
Plan B deprecation

That version is too old and definitely doesn’t have unified plan, so yes, you need to upgrade.
With docker, don’t you just download the latest image and run docker-compose?

Jsi-meet-5870 jicofo-5870 JVB-5870 is locally compiled and packaged and deployed using Docker-compose. The version you are referring to is too old.

Do you mean I need to upgrade the Jitsi-Meet JVB2 Jicofo rhythm to the latest version? Or do you just need to upgrade the version of jitsi-Meet?

You need to upgrade everything. Things work best when they’re linked to the same deployment.

The Plan B SDP Semantics syntax is out of date and is not supported by the browser, so the Web browser is in trouble but the App is not。 *I will update the system version as soon as possible,Thank you。