The video cannot see each other

Docker deployment method, after embedding our own desktop application, the video cannot see each other,No problem with direct access in the browser

Do you intend to use this setup outside of your local network? Then you need to set DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS to your public IP.

Uploading: 微信截图_20220626141515.png…

After I tried, still the same problem,

What Docker images release are you using?

7287, using the latest 7439 is also the same problem, is my embedding way wrong? iframe i used directly. If not correct please give correct way to embed, thanks

I’d recommend you setup a proper environment with a domain and SSL certificate.

I directly call “”, but I still can’t see the other party during the video, I am very sad about this, how can I solve it, please help me, thank you

Please share your logs again, this time when you connect to

No error logs appear, and worse, when entering the third person, a grey screen appears.

You cannot use webrtc app from http location, this is not supported by the spec and the browsers.
You need to serve you page from https.