The state of Jitsi Desktop - browsers?

I haven’t been following the discussions in here for some time.
Is it still the case, that Chrome is the only really good browser to run Jitsi in due to it’s implementation of WebRTC, simulcast etc.?
And I guess other chromium-based browsers like Edge are ok?
What about Firefox and Safari?


We now keep the supported browsers information up to date here: Supported Browsers | Jitsi Meet

They should all provide equivalent features with a slight edge for the Chromium based browsers.

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Ok, thank you very much!
Good idea with such a list…
So Firefox and Safari are ok, and not putting an unnecessary strain on things anymore?
The list is fine, but there are really not much detail there.
But a green checkmark must mean, that things are ok from the version mentioned.


Well, what detail would you expect?

it might be useful to list information about feature gaps, e.g., backgrounds

Backgrounds are supported on all browsers with support for CSS filters, aka all but Safari. It’s feature detected so when / if they add support for it it will start to work.

There is also VP9 which we’ve gone back and forth on, due to Firefox bugs mostly.

The list does not try to be exhaustive but to give a good baseline. We might need to disable features if a browser introduces a bug, and it would be very confusing to keep that up to date.